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Books, Links & DVD's to get

We have a few books we think you would find really helpful and feature in our training videos.

If you only buy three things then pls get

Supporting Derek Online Video & Workbook Down’s Syndrome Dementia Workbook Down’s Syndrome Dementia Workbook
Supporting Derek Online Video & Workbook Ann Has Dementia Understanding Learning Disability and Dementia

Alzheimer's Society 5 mins Film on how Memory & Feeling Work - this is AWESOME!

"The Bookcase Analogy"


Supporting Derek Online Video and Book
If you buy nothing else buy this - fantastic video for training

Great Site for Video's and Easy Read Information

Singing Groups for people with Dementia - Diana Kerr

Pain Management & Dementia

Abbey Pain Scale

Easy Read Books with only Pictures
Books on 80 topics with pictures to explore lots of issues

Night Time Care & Dementia
Great Book

University of Stirling

Jenny's Diary - resource to support conversations about Dementia
with people with a Learning Disability - really marvellous. I highly recommend this!

Karen Watchman - University of Stirling
Great resources and further training. Email Karen - she is a greatly respected expert in this field.

Disability and Dementia
Diana Kerr
Also available in Dutch, Chinese and Norwegian
Home for Good Paper
Download at the bottom of the page

GP's Office Poster
Downloadable form
Join us in getting this to every Dr’s office in the World!

Contented Dementia
Good general read with loads of coping ideas and real life people examples

Channel 4 News with Diana Kerr interview
Very interesting

Down's Syndrome and Dementia Workbook - Practitioners Guide
Diana Kerr

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Abstract: Due to the "greying” of the nation’s population, dementia associated with Alzheimer’s disease and other causes, has become another challenge for providers of services to adults with intellectual disabilities. In this book chapter, the authors explore the factors, policies, and support structures that can help agencies provide continued "aging-in-place” dementia-capable care, develop "in- place progression” dementia specific programs, or chose alternative care settings. It also explores some features of dementia-related behaviors that may need to be taken into account in program design and makes suggestions for staff training and planning for dementia programs.

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