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Training Videos

These videos are free of charge.
If you have any questions on any issue you can email us on [email protected]
and we reply to every email!

Full Introduction Video
Are you aware of the latest research on Learning Disabilities & Dementia?
What should you look out for?
How and where can you get help?
Are you wondering does this relate to me or not?
This video will answer those questions for you.
Roll Back Memory
This is one of the foundation stones that unlocks the mystery
of the brain with dementia
Do you ever wonder . . . 
Why does he/she talk about the past so much?
Do they keep looking for people who are not around anymore?
How do I explain these outbursts?
Well this video will explain this for us.
How to Spot Dementia
Have you noticed that certain tasks just don't seem
to be possible anymore?
Why are there subtle changes in mood?
Are there pauses while searching for a word?
This video shows us why this might be the case and what you can do.
Philosophy of Care
Are you noticing challenging behaviour?
Why is this happening?
Why now?
How can this be pain?
The ability to distinguish what is possibly pain will be unfolded in the video again with guidance on what to do.
Understanding, Managing & Preventing Pain
Get ready for some astounding realisations!
This video will show us some very simple changes that do not cost a lot 
of money and will revolutionise the comfort and quality of life
for a person for the rest of their lives.
Environment Management & Tips
Why are they so stressed? 
Do they seem startled at loud noises?
Why is language simplification so important?
Is routine important?
The change in a person's quality of life is transformed by using some of these simple steps.
Click below for your free report of the 5 Tips which are absolutely key when helping someone who has Learning Disabilities and may have or has Dementia.
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"This training has transformed the care for our daughter, thank you."
Julie Thompson
"So glad that someone has put together training which is specifically for Learning Disabilities. Thank you for your vision."
Michael Braithwaite
"Finally, easy to understand, short video modules that are accessible for all!"
Susan Holt
"We needed flexible online training for the staff working at our care home. Here it is! Well done!"
Matthew Collins