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Care Home Teams
Do you want the best care team staff ever?

  • Want to be sure your staff are trained and motivated?
  • Want to reduce your turnover of staff and provide best of class service and training for that team?
  • Want to have people competing to work with you to bring safe, affordable, secure and home from home care?

Are you a family and do you want to know now how to provide for that special person?

Do you have a friend who you want to help?

Why is this training any different?
Because it is based on research which you will find on the Books & DVD's Tab of this site 
and specialists who have contributed to this video training who are acknowledged and published experts in this field 
with over 25 years experience speaking around the world.

That is why we are here.
This training is applicable to anyone who may be concerned that special person they know may have dementia.  

This website has been created for anyone who would like to know more about how dementia affects people with Learning Disabilities. 

Most of us are here because the person we love and care for may have Dementia - if so, how can that be?
  • When does it start?
  • How can we be sure?
  • Who can we contact for help?
  • Maybe you have a Learning Disability and you are worried about your friend?

When I found out that my sister, who has Learning Disabilities, also had Dementia, I looked everywhere for guidance and help.
This site is dedicated to her.
It took a long time to find and piece together the information.
So now you can find all you need to know right here on this website and we are here to support you.

Click below for your free report of the 5 Tips which are absolutely key when helping someone who has Learning Disabilities and may have or has Dementia.
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"This training has transformed the care for our daughter, thank you."
Julie Thompson
"So glad that someone has put together training which is specifically for Learning Disabilities. Thank you for your vision."
Michael Braithwaite
"Finally, easy to understand, short video modules that are accessible for all!"
Susan Holt
"We needed flexible online training for the staff working at our care home. Here it is! Well done!"
Matthew Collins