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We will keep adding to this website based on your feedback which we greatly value.

So please keep emailing us with your questions. Our email address is on the Contact Page.

Some of you have asked me in relation to the video Understanding, Managing & Preventing Pain 
that there is an Abbey Scale Assessment Sheet and wanted the link repeated.

Sure thing here it is

Coming Soon Video Releases!
Video 7 - Communication - Speech & Song
Video 8 - Table Settings, Food & Drink
Video 9 - Clothing & Wandering & Routine
Video 10 - Activities that are fun
Video 11 - Palliative Care
Video 12 - Caring for the Care Team & Family
Video 13 - More . . . . .

We will answer your questions via the blog page.

Keep those questions coming in!

Thank you

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"This training has transformed the care for our daughter, thank you."
Julie Thompson
"So glad that someone has put together training which is specifically for Learning Disabilities. Thank you for your vision."
Michael Braithwaite
"Finally, easy to understand, short video modules that are accessible for all!"
Susan Holt
"We needed flexible online training for the staff working at our care home. Here it is! Well done!"
Matthew Collins