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Fresh Air

Monday, 27 Jan 2014
Fresh Air and walking are wonderful revivers.  10 mins outside to fill the lungs with air is good for everyone's health. 
Try it out and see if you and your friend can find 10 mins each day to do this.  You will feel wonderful afterwards.  Of course if you can manage longer then all the better.  
Posted by Anna White

Why is this happening?

Tuesday, 21 Jan 2014

Often with dementia we may find the eye sight is affected in a way that means the person can only see one side of the plate. So if you find them leaving one side of the plate full of food and the other side is empty. Try turning the plate 180 degrees and then you may well find they can see it again and are able to continue to eat.
Posted by Anna White

Vitamin D

Thursday, 09 Jan 2014

Hi there everyone.
Did you know that 20 mins outdoors even when it is cloudy will boost your Vitamin D.
Vitamin D is important coz it will help you absorb your food better.
I will write more about this soon.
Don't forget your 5 a day!
Do contribute your thoughts on this.
What do you think?

Posted by Anna White

First Signs of Dementia

Saturday, 26 Oct 2013

Thank you for your emails about what might be the first signs and what can we do to help. Firstly may I suggest you watch the first video which on this web sites called "Introduction".  It gives some good tips.  The other videos will continue along that road.  

Quick pointers could be, is the person slower on being able to do certain tasks they were always able to do before easily?  Do they sometimes seemed confused by their environment.  Then may I suggest you go to your Dr and tell them you wish to ask them to investigate if there might be early signs of dementia.  Do watch the other videos on this web site as they will go into this in more detail for you.

Thanks for writing in.  Please let us know if there are more specific issues you wish to address and if so then we will be sure to come back to you with some guidance.  Thanks for writing in.  Watch this space!

Posted by Anna White

Research Developments - Great News!

Thursday, 17 Oct 2013
There are some wonderful advancements taking place all due the great research that is taking place today.  This will continue to give us hope and keep our focus on the progress of developments to come.    If you would like to learn more about what research is being done then my I recommend you visit this site and subscribe to their email newsletters.  


They are a great organisation and lots of very interesting reports.
Posted by Anna White

Depth Perception

Wednesday, 16 Oct 2013

Is the person seemingly unsure when stepping from one room to another? Does the person

lift their leg higher than necessary when negotiating a step?

This is one of the key signs of Dementia for some people with Learning Disabilities. So make an appointment with the Doctor and say you have noticed this and request a Base Line Assessment.

Posted by Anna White